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Writer. Producer. Entrepreneur. Director. Philanthropist. Noven Jaisi has worn many hats in his decade long career. Noven has worked with some of the most notable people of the industry and successfully continues to do so.


Apart from his creative capabilities, Noven is also known for his sharp-eye on business and marketing. Having knowledge and skills in both these fields has made him an asset in the entertainment industry.


Noven has had the privilege to work with some of the greatest icons of our time such as: The Beach Boys, The Jacksons, The Frank Sinatra estate, Leo Sayer, Bob Dylan and many more. Noven has also had the privilege to work with some of the most notable TV Icons such as John Stamos (of Full House), Henry Winkler (of Happy Days) and Leif Garrett.

Apart from his stellar career, Noven is also an advocate of Transcendental Meditation, he credits the practice for his healthy life choices and for handling stress effectively.


Noven aims to entertain and educate people, to take them to places they’ve never been before and to show them things they’ve never seen before.

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